Lu Vorhies
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Lu's unique interactive style has made her a popular speaker in the Dallas area for years. Lu loves to laugh and have others laugh with her. Her approach is fresh, direct and down-to-earth. This, along with her insight and intelligence, makes her workshops fun and informative.


Lu Vorhies is a Licensed Professional Counselor with an M.A. degree in Psychology from Southern Methodist University. She has been working in the mental health field for over 25 years. Her resume includes a hospital for the mentally challenged, a Job Corps Center, the Incest Recovery Association of Dallas, and the Anxiety and Phobia Center of the Southwest in Dallas. Lu has also been the Program Director for a Methadone Maintenance clinic.

Lu has spent two years working in Managed Care Companies and is the Director of the Divorce Recovery Program at the Lovers Lane United Methodist Church (since 1990).

Lu communicates the latest research and information and presents it in a relaxed, informal setting. Audience participation helps strengthen the skills learned.  So come prepared to contribute to the discussion. Humor is a must.  Be prepared to laugh and enjoy the learning experience!